Friday, June 7, 2013

Bimbo IQ Reduction Hypnosis

IQ Reduction Bimbo Hypnosis

Thinking is a difficult task, isn't' it? It's much easier to be a hypnotized dumb bimbo sissy whore. You want to go through the whole forced feminization process in order to achieve that. That way, you may concentrate on what really is important.. and face it, it's SEX. Yes, sex is the most important thing of all for a dumb bimbo. That is you! Yes, a dumb sissy. That is you! Just so that you don't have to think all that much, all you gotz to do is plug and play. Let the voice of a hypnodomme tell you what to do, what to think, how to behave. The skill of an erotic hypnotist will wipe out all the unnecessary thoughts with femdom hypnosis and help you out to think what you really want to be thinking about. Now you may finally enjoy thinking about fucking. Yes. Fucking. Take the time to make yourself pretty. Fuck it, be appearance obsessed. That's what is going to attract your potential partner, so make sure you look good. There is absolutely nothing else that you have to think about. You don't even have to wear much. Remember, you want to attract as many potential sex partners as possible, so leave as little to imagination as possible. Accentuate your aSSets. Make sure they are well visible. Make sure you put on as much make up as you can. Yes, you can finally do all those things. Let your iq become reduced to the very, very basic functions, eat sleep fuck suck. Good girl.

Humiliation Hypnosis

Friday, May 10, 2013

Humiliation Hypnosis to the Extreme

Extreme Humiliation Hypnosis

 There are different gradations of humiliation that you may experience through femdom hypnosis. There is a lighter scale, sensual, softer side... and then there is no-limits extreme forceful degradation of the submissive subject.
So here it is, the no-mercy humiliation, the kind that will make the slave shrink on the inside and feel small and insignificant. It will make him live through one of the most cruel and heartless humiliation fantasies there is. This is a forced experiment prisoner fantasy. Many of you have played around with an idea of being captured by a beautiful woman, locked up in a prison cell and being tortured by her. Well, this is not the case. There is no sensual seduction at all. It's just pure abuse, from the start to finish. You will experience zero warmth. Instead, you will live in a single cell, be stripped of identity, you will become a number, without a name, no longer a person, no longer an individual, but just another prisoner in another cell. You will experience the whole range of what it's like to become a toal nothing and to be degraded to the extreme through femdom humiliation hypnosis. You will fall just another victim, just another bitch.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Black Cock Worship Humiliation Hypnosis

Humiliation Hypnosis

Face it, you are already aware of your sexual inadequacies. You already know how frail and weak you are. You know very well that you are absolutely incapable of pleasing women sexually. You just suck. Even when you think you can please them, you still fail. You fail every single time you try. You might as well give up trying. It's embarrassing.  You really should stop doing that. What you should do instead, is embrace your sub-par sexual state and accept the inferiority of your weak male member, in the face of real and true sexual force of a big black cock. You should worship it, you should obey it. You should fall into the slavery to the real authority of the sexual prime. You will never, ever be able to achieve the same status. It's just not in you. It's not a part of you. Literally. You have a very small penis, and there is absolutely nothing you can change about it. The only thing that is left, is to worship the real thing, something that you will never have. You will never know what it's like to please women, so you will find out what it's like to please a big black cock.  Reinforce that in your submissive mind, on the very deep, subconscious level, and feel your arousal grow, feel your twinkle twitch, at the single thought of submitting to a big black cock. Listen to the black cock worship hypnosis and become a real hypnotized slave to the sexual superiority.

Humiliation Hypnosis

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Humiliation Hypnosis Affirmations

humiliation femdom hypnosis

 The least you can do for yourself is feel good about your need to be used and humiliated by beautiful women. Since you are already aware of the fact that you desperately need this, you might as well reinforce it through humiliation hypnosis. You have to be good at something. Face it, you're such a loser already that the least you can do is become really really good at it. Imagine this, among all the submissive losers of the world, you can be the super-achiever. You can be THE super slave to dominant women. There is no doubt that you have it in you, you just need a little bit of help.
Listen to the positive affirmations daily and exercise in femdom submission as your mind gets thoroughly brainwashed to be the super slave. The best part of all, you don't really have to do anything. Just press the button and let your submissive mind get conditioned by the voice of the hypnodomme. It will happen automatically by itself, without any control over it. 

Humiliation Hypnosis Resource

Friday, March 29, 2013

Emotional Sissy Bitch

Feminzation Sissy Hypnosis

Your whole life you have been told/taught to be acting like a man. You have been told to be strong, to hold back your emotions, to be tough, to be this non-emotional being that can handle everything.  But you know that it’s not true. You don’t want to be this way. It contradicts everything that’s on the inside.
You WANT to show your emotions. You WANT to be Your self! You WANT to be an EMOTIONAL BITCH. You want to be the weak wimp that you are on the inside. You DON"T want all that PRESSURE that you are under on a daily basis. You don't want to ACT like a MAN. You want to act like an emotional wreck of a dumb ass bitch whore on steroids. You want to be a real bimbo. All you gots to do is let your mind be re-programmed and re-wired.
On the very basic level, the chemical reactions in your body are going to become re-programmed and re-wired… bringing the testosterone levels down… further.. down, and making the estrogen levels rise up. Emotions shut down rational thinking and let your body act on an impulse, without logic or reason. And with all those hormones acting up, you may get that extra tingling sensation… from being such a dumb bimbo whore.
Listen to this bimbo hypnosis mp3 and you ARE  going to get more in touch with your emotions. You are going to cry more often, you’re going to laugh louder, you are going to say good-bye to “acting like a man”.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Swallow It Up - Cum Eating Hypnosis

Cum Eating Hypnosis
 So you want to escape the reality of hating the nasty taste of your own cum and become a hypnotized slave so you can ease your pain. You really think that once you are hypnotized you will not feel a thing, that it will just cum easy. 
Well, sort of. You may forget for a few moments the awful taste in your mouth, but the fact that you are a disgusting cum eater is not gonna change. It's not going to be any less humiliating and degrading to be licking the salty sticky hot cum off your fingers. The only difference that is going to be there... you are gonna love it. You are going to absolutely love and crave the deeper humiliation that the cum eating hypnosis brings. You will become addicted to eating your own cum every time you feel like masturbating. Having an orgasm is just not going to be the same if you don't eat your own cum. You will only want to plunge deeper, go all the way through femdom hypnosis trails and into the total degradation abyss. Then, there is absolutely no escape. You are going to be even more of a disgusting pig that you already are.

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